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We have received a great deal of help concerning some of the principles in preparing these materials from the LSM publication Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life and we would strongly recommend this book. The full text of this book is available to read online with a subscription at www.ministrybooks.org or for purchase at www.amanatrustbooks.org.uk.

The most crucial matter is that we would all go to the Lord to fellowship with Him and pray and coordinate with our fellow serving ones. If, in your fellowship, you feel to use these materials, they are available here. We are all learners in this labour and the contents of this site should not be taken as a model. We really look to the Lord’s blessing for the raising up of this next generation and hope that we will all labour together in much prayer and fellowship concerning how to go on.

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A Reminder

The materials on our website were prepared by some serving ones to meet the specific need of the children in Europe. In preparing these materials, we have been very much helped by the book Raising up the Next Generation for the Church Life. We are just learners; the website was never intended to be a universal resource or an example of how to do these materials. We simply hope that the materials we have prepared will be useful for further fellowship and coordination with the saints with whom you serve.

We hope that all the saints who use the materials on this site would also receive proper training. We highly recommend that you watch or listen to the six messages that were released to the parents in Poland in 2015. These messages explain how to use the lesson materials.

Please do not distribute materials from this website without permission.

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