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We are looking to the Lord that this website could facilitate more fellowship among the saints in the church in London, and even those in other areas, who are learning to serve with the children. To that end, there are boxes for “Comments and Fellowship” at the bottom of many pages of this site. If you have any questions, fellowship, reports of things that did or didn’t work, or any other comments related to a specific lesson, song, activity, or resource, please leave a comment using the box on that page.

If you have materials, songs, audio or video recordings, or anything else you would like to contribute to the site, please send us a note using the contact form below. We are open to and anticipate the input and fellowship from many members of the Body as we pursue together under the leading of the ministry. However, please realize that all the materials that are posted here are subject to the fellowship and editing of the leading ones and those serving with this website. This contact form can also be used for any general questions, concerns, or technical support.

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